Our Story

It all began with a desire to bring culinary professionals the best foods from around the world. From our roots back in 1995, Olivier Pacific has acquired leading market knowledge and a thorough understanding of our products over the years. That’s why we are able to offer the best ingredients to the right users at the right price, from chefs, hotels, clubs, restaurants, to delicatessens.

We search high and low for the best products.

Our staff make it their quest to travel the globe in search of exceptional food products. Amongst the myriad of producers and suppliers we encounter, only a small number made it onto our list. The result is a carefully curated international portfolio of meats, cheeses, seafood, preserves and charcuterie based on quality, reliability and exclusivity, which together form the wonderful ensemble that is the Olivier Pacific catalogue.

We do not improvise, we serve from experience.

With a particular emphasis on Hong Kong and Macau, each of our customers is connected almost directly to the source of their food, whether from France, Italy, Spain, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand or Austria. No intermediaries, no agents, just us. Our understanding of the Asian market, as well as the potentials and positioning of our products in this market, made us a veteran “matchmaker for food”!

We also go small.

We very much support small scale, artisan producers and suppliers who keep culinary and cultural traditions alive, as well as dealing with the larger premier producers of fine foods. By making a stand for sustainability in food production, not only are we able to jazz up our catalogue with unique flavours, but also to offer our clients traceability through all stages of production, procurement and delivery.

Our Passion

Olivier Pacific was founded by lovers of fine food. Our passion for taste drives our search for the best products at the right price. We've been doing so for the past twenty years and our expertise has given us a strong presence in the industry.

Our Relationships

Crafted over years and nurtured with care, we seek to develop strong, direct ties with both suppliers who carry traditions from long established family businesses, and customers whose clients demand the highest quality.

Our Facilities

We are determined to meet the strictest standards of food safety. Hazard Critical Control Points (HACCP) compliant warehousing and having our own sound distribution network in Hong Kong ensure we deliver fresh, high-quality products every time, respecting cold chain for every delivery. 

Our Supply Chain

From end-to-end, our experience, dedication and direct ties with food suppliers and producers allow us to promptly supply prestigious food establishments the freshest foods from around the world.