Ask any foodie if they have ever searched on social media for what or where to eat, the answer will be an absolute yes. With online sharing becoming immensely popular among millennials, restaurants, chefs and merchants are striving to serve up irresistibly-looking plates that look Instagram-worthy for rounds on the net.


Are you ready to appeal a digital savvy audience?

We have compiled three expert ways to help your restaurant get more likes, and ultimately customers. Read on to learn more and have fun with your next Instagram posts.

1. Presentation

When it comes to adding final touches to your dish, choosing the right garnishing makes all the difference between a plain, lifeless dish and an appetising, attractive edible work of art.


a.     Elevating your dish

Make use of little fixes such as a sprinkle of herb leaves, a sprig of mint, slices of lime and a drizzle of dressing that will elevate your dish to a high-profile French gourmet. Specially arranged sides as ornaments are easy add-ons to add excitement to your dish.


b.     Playing with colours

Excite the eyes by adding bright colours to your dish. Common tips are vibrant slices of citrus fruits, rings of colourful bell peppers, fresh coriander leaves and a string of wild berries.


c.     Experimenting with utensils

Stock up on interesting-looking cookware and crockery that come in different colours, shapes and textures. In contrast with the traditional metallic or plain utensils, the fashionable warm-coloured pots and floral-patterned plates prevail in social media and cookery programmes. Utensils with fancy shapes are unquestionably magnets to likes and follows.


d.     Cleanliness matters

However luscious your food looks, a messy table or a stained plate will ruin your viewers’ appetite. So after arranging your dish on the carefully-chosen utensils, make sure you did not spill any sauce on the edge or on the table. A plain or an empty background surely helps to highlight the antagonist!

2. Everyone loves a good story

Everyone — from kids to elderly — are fond story listeners. If your food is presented with an engaging anecdote, the curiosity it stirs up will definitely boost views. “Food triggers memories, emotions and imaginations,” said chef Vicky Lau.1 Gourmet eaters and commentators are emotionally driven customers. As they patronise a restaurant or buy a food item, their enjoyment is topped up by a captivating insider story of the dish or the restaurant itself.

As quoted from food writer Deborah Madison, “Food with a story is very exciting  and vital to us now, because for so long we’ve become really out of touch with any idea where food comes from.”2 Before publishing your posts, spend some time searching on the origin of the food or asking the merchant for an insider story. You can begin with finding out about the farm where the fruit or the egg comes from, it builds the trust in your readers to the food you are recommending.


3. Benefit your followers

With the stunning photo and the intriguing story, everyone loves the food you’re posting and want to get it for themselves. A complete Instagram food post is one with something in it for your followers. Perhaps a simplified recipe for them to recreate the dish at home, a game where they are awarded discounts. Good luck and have fun being a foodie influencer on Instagram!

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